Care For Older People

What does ‘aligning a GP practice with care homes’ mean?

In Halton we have 16 GP practices and 15 Older People’s care homes. However, when someone moves into a care home, their regular GP practice may not be as close to their new home as before.

Your care home might have several GPs visiting their patients from a range of practices from across the borough. So lots of different doctors travel from different practices to one care home, when, perhaps, a more local GP could be looking after all the residents and be on-hand, quickly if they need to visit a patient.

It makes more sense to match your care home with GP practices nearby. Under this new model, the majority of care homes will be aligned to one GP practice only and the majority of GP practices will have one care home to visit.

What are the benefits?

Linking GP practices to nearby care homes has proven to improve care for residents as well as improving communication between care home staff, residents and their families about health care issues.

By changing your GP to one near your care home we hope to offer a better service to you and other care home residents. This will:

  • Help us to provide a quicker, more efficient response when you need to see a doctor
  • Give your new GP a chance to review your care
  • Reduce unnecessary admissions to hospital
  • Help you recover quicker after illness
  • Enhance the quality of life of those with long-term conditions
  • Prevent people from dying prematurely
  • Give people a more positive experience of care
  • Save time and money.


Do I have to change from my current GP?

No, you don’t have to, it is your choice, but it is worth remembering the benefits outlined above.

How can I make my views heard?

A survey will be running from Monday 27th February 2017 until Monday 22nd May 2017.

Participants will be able to make their views heard by taking part in the survey by going to If you need a paper version or need it in a different format, please call 01928 593479 or email