Non-NHS Services

Why do GPs charge fees?

The National Health Service provides most health care to most people free of charge, but there are a number of other services for which fees are charged. This is because the service is not covered by the NHS. For example, providing copies of health records or producing medical reports for insurance companies.

There are services that are not covered by the NHS such as the forms included in the table below. These forms may however require a GPs medical opinion. If you have a form that a GP needs to complete then please hand it in at reception, you will be informed of the cost and will need to pay before the form is completed. Once you have paid the fee it will be passed to the Practice Administrators who will process the form. Once completed you will be contacted, all completed forms are available for collection at the reception desk.

If you would like more information on these charges fees then please see our patient information leaflet: Reports and Forms.

Note: The GPs do not complete forms during consultations as it may require time to complete and all of the GPs have allocated time for completing paperwork. This enables us to keep our clinics running on time so patients are not kept waiting. See below for the current list of forms, which may require a GP’s input.

Payment for non-NHS services must be made in full either in advance or at the time of the provision of the service. Please note that non-attendance at an appointment for these ‘private’ services will incur a charge of 50% of the relevant fee shown below.

(Prices in line with Medeconomics guidance)
Access to patient records (Please note that all requests must be made in writing. Requests to view medical records will be by appointment only.)
Appointment to view a patient’s records only£10
Copy of some/all of a patient’s records£10 – £50
Letters & forms
Certificates, forms and letters (no examination required)£50
Private sick note£40
Healthcare student application£30
Fitness to travel letter/certificate£40
Private medical insurance claim form/proforma£50
Sickness/accident insurance form/proforma£50
Holiday cancellation certificate£50
Benefits/housing letter/form£50
“To whom it may concern” letter£50
DNA testing£60 per ½ hour
Medical Examinations and Reports (Please note that the fees for examinations and reports are generally dependent on the time taken for the doctor to complete them. The following fees are therefore only a guideline and may vary in practice)
Providing a detailed opinion and/or statement on the condition of a patient – no examination required£120
Employment/sports medical (incl. HGV, taxi licence)£130
Comprehensive examination and/or report (incl. support for benefit claim under accident/sickness insurance)£130