Medical fit note

Statement of Fitness for Work – Fit Notes

(Previously Sick Notes)

If you are off work for less than seven days you do not need a medical certificate from your doctor. You will however require a self-certification form which can be obtained from the Practice or downloaded here. If you are employed you will require a SC2 form however if you are self-employed you will require a SC1 form.

If illness should cause you to be absent from work for a period longer than seven days, you need to book an appointment to see your GP and obtain a medical certificate confirming your illness and inability to work. This will ensure that you receive company sick pay or statutory sick pay (SSP) from the government.

If you have seen a GP previously for your current illness and need a continuation of you sick note, you may not need to book a face-to-face appointment. Please call the Practice and explain to the Receptionist who can advise you further.