Most test results are available a week after the test. However, this timescale can vary with demand so please bear with us. Once the results have been sent back to the Practice, the GP or Practice Nurse may want to discuss them with you and if so we will contact you.

If you don’t hear from us within the timescales below you are welcome to phone reception to check if your results have been received. Reception can also then advise you if the GP needs to discuss these results further with you. The exception is cervical smear tests where you will be notified by Cheshire Health Authority of your result.


Turnaround for Standard Test Results

The approximate turnaround time for standard test results are:

  • Blood tests – 7 days
  • X-rays and Ultrasound – 14 days (Subject to the hospital sending in this time period)
  • Cervical Smear test – national target is 2 weeks. If the result has not been received after four weeks, please contact the surgery

Please note that this practice has a strict policy regarding confidentiality and data protection. We usually only give test results to the person to whom they relate.