Grove House Patient Surveys

From June 22nd to July 7th 2017, a survey was conducted at both Grove House Practice and Heath Road Medical Centre to gain patient views on access. Please click on the link below to see the survey results.

Patient Survey Results 2017


During July and August 2013, the Practice ran a general survey on patient satisfaction. This had been agreed with our Patient Group and was aimed at identifying priority areas for development. To view the results please click on the link below. We are currently working on the action plan with our Patient Group and will publish here shortly.

Practice Patient Survey Results 2013

Patient Survey Newsletter 2014

Action Plan

Full Survey Report


During August and September 2012, after agreement with our Patient Group, the Practice ran a survey on our Test Results service. This was aimed at obtaining your views on the service and how we may improve it for our patients. To view the results please click on the link below:

Practice Patient Survey Results 2012: Test Results

Action Plan

Full Survey Report for 2012


During November 2011 the Practice ran a survey to find out our Patient’s views on missed GP appointments. With 1555 GP appointments missed in 2011 the Practice and it’s Patient Group felt that this was a priority area to be surveyed. To view the results of the survey please click on the links below:

Final Results (December 2011)

Practice Patient Survey Results:November 2011

Action Plan – After looking at the results of the recent survey with our Patient Group an action plan was devised. All the actions are aimed at lowering the number of wasted GP appointments and improving the service for all our patients.

Full survey report including the action plan.